How I Plan My Life

Some people ask me what I include in my planner and how I figure out what needs to go where. So in today’s post I figured I would walk you through how I figure out my weekly plans and layout.


The very first thing I do is look at my blank spread for the week and decide on a color or theme. I have several books of stickers that I use to guide my theme for the week. This week happens to be my best friends wedding on Saturday so I planned my weekly theme to match her wedding colors.


After deciding on a color and theme for the week, I place the basic stickers and boxes on the page. Usually for this part, I place the boxes wherever I think looks good. I also place some quote stickers and checklists where I feel like they look the best.


My next step then is to place more specific stickers for meetings, clients I need to see, appt’s and things I need to do. Right now I also place a weekly sticker for our Disney countdown. This week I also placed some wedding theme stickers on Saturday for the wedding.


The very last thing I do is fill in my plans with pen. I typically write on a post it note for the week everything that needs to get done on each day so I can have a better idea. I then transfer those notes to the planner and add in any extra things. I also fill in my weekly to do’s and any special occasions.


The main things that I include each week are:

  • Appointments
  • Birthdays
  • Meals
  • Work Meetings/Clients
  • To Do’s
  • Events
  • Chores
  • Calls I need to make
  • Blog Post Schedule, Usborne Post Schedule


Some weeks, I put a lot in and other weeks I limit it. It just depends what I have going on for the week and how busy we are. I am the type of person that needs lists to remind me so this is my all in one way of keeping track of our life.  For more info about the planner I use, Click Here !



Erin Condren vs. Happy Planner


Most of you know that I purchased the Erin Condren Planner last year and I purchased another one for this year. I really enjoyed the EC Life Planner all the months I used it and I felt that it had everything I wanted/needed. I also purchased the Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas a few weeks ago so I could compare the two ! I used the EC for the month of January and have been using the Happy Planner for the month of February and beginning of March. I really enjoy each of the planners! I wanted to give you a little comparison in case you were looking to purchase one.

This biggest difference in these two planners is the price. The Erin Condren life planner is typically $55.00. They do run a lot of specials, free shipping, etc which can make is less than that but you also have to purchase from a website and shipping can take 1-2 weeks. The Happy Planner costs $29.95 but you can almost always find them for between $15-$20 with coupons and sales. You can get them at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and the Happy Planner website. Both planners have lots of accessories to add onto them.


The first main difference between the two is the binding. The EC life planner is coil bound, mine happens to be silver but you can get in gold and rose gold if you wish. The Happy Planner is bound with discs. The one I purchased came with gold disks, but you can purchase various other colors and sizes to increase the amount of papers you can add into it. The disc binding allows you to easily remove and insert papers as you need to. The EC life planner does not allow you to remove pages as easily.


The other main difference for me is the divider pages and monthly notes pages. In the EC life planner, you have a blank notes pages. You can easily decorate these pages how you want and make it your own style. In the Happy Planner, the pages have a lot of spots to write different info and notes. The happy planner page has a 3 month calendar, a birthdays sections, goals for the month, important dates/holidays and a currently section which includes what you are currently watching, listening to, etc.


In both the EC and the Happy Planner, the monthly calendar is relatively the same. Both have the calendar blocks ( the EC is slightly larger) and they both also have a notes section at the side. The weekly views are also very much the same. They have a side notes section where you can put any additional info for the week. The boxes for the happy planner are slightly larger but they do not have a bottom section where you can write additional info.


The other difference between the two is that the Happy Planner allows you to add additional extension packs. The Happy Planner has several including a budget expansion pack and a fitness extension pack. I purchased the budget pack and added it into the back of my planner. I don’t believe that the EC has anything like this available. Both planners have the option to switch out covers and change them as often as you would like. This is nice for someone like me who enjoys switching things up.

IMG_3276After using each for several weeks , I have to say that my pick is the Happy Planner ! I love the versatility of it and how easy it is to add and remove things. I also love the monthly page where I can write my goals, birthdays, etc. I never thought that I would switch from the EC life planner, but after using this one for the last few weeks, I have totally changed my mind. I love the affordability of the happy planner and being that Michael’s carries all the accessories and add on things it is so much easier to buy things when I see them.


To read more about my planning click HERE!

Life Planner

Happy Planner


Planner Supplies Haul !

Over the last few weeks, I have been picking up some planner/scrapbook supplies. I tend to go shopping more than I should and when I do, I pick up a thing or two. I kept everything together so I could show you some of the most recent things I purchased .


Then first thing I got was a happy planner. I know , you are probably thinking, you already have a planner why do you need another one. The main reason I purchased this one was because Michael’s had them as a doorbuster for $10 !! That is like 75% off of the regular price. I also got one because I want to see what all the happy planner hype is about and I thought I could maybe do a comparison of the two over the next month. I found this floral one with a rustic vibe. The cover is so pretty and I loved the divider pages and inside covers. For $10, I figured I could give it a shot !

I also picked up some Valentine’s stickers and tape at Target. All of these things were in the dollar spot and I think each of them was only $1. I got the sticker book, the envelope stickers and the hearts for my February planner pages and I also might use them for Layton’s valentines for school. The washi tape has 4 rolls of thin washi, all glittery. I use Washi tape a lot and liked these colors not only for Valentines Day. I also picked up the notepad which has the days of the week on a giant sticky note. I like to pre-plan for weeks ahead and I tend to jot it down on sticky notes so I don’t forget appts, meals I want to make, etc. I figured this would be nice to write on for weeks in advance.


I purchased this pack of Valentine’s stickers at Michael’s for 40%. I again got them for my planner and possibly for Valentine’s. I thought they were cute and decided to pick them up.


A few weeks ago, my mom and I attended a planning class at Michael’s. It was a big waste of time and a total disappoint but needless to say I left there with some cute washi tapes and these adorable paperclips which are shaped like wine glasses and bows.


Since I will be switching to the Happy Planner for the month of February, I bought a few things to use with that planner. I purchased the page protectors to use to put extra pictures, quotes and cards into the weeks of my planner. I also picked up the snap in tabs so I can use my current dashboard with my new planner.


Like I said earlier, I am a huge sucker for washi tapes so I picked up these packs. The tube has 9 rolls of washi in a cute explore, brave, arrows theme and the box contains 45 rolls of washi all related to planning. I picked up the roll for 50% making it $7 and the box was $10. They also have two other boxes (one is holiday themed and the other is rainbow- I have both of those too!) Of course !

I love showing the things I purchase ! Give this post a like if you want to see more hauls !


Life Planning

Every Sunday night , or most Sunday nights (if I don’t forget) I sit down and fill out my planner for the week.

I currently use the Erin Condren Life Planner for my planning. I just got my 2017 one as a Christmas gift ! Isn’t she pretty ? Like I said I’m addicted ! I also got a lot of stickers and decorative tapes as a Christmas gift and wanted to give them a try.


There are a ton of other planner options. The Erin Condren one is a little pricey but it’s the one I used last year and I enjoy the style. I also like the Happy Planner ones that you can find at Michaels. They are very similar and cost a lot less. I will post links to both at the end of this blog.

Most of the stickers and decorative stuff is from Michaels. I use the MAMBI ( Me and My Big Ideas) line which is actually for the Happy Planner but most fit the Erin Condren one as well ! I’ve got a ton of sticker books that have all kinds of productivity stickers and cute decorative ones! I also occasionally order stickers off of Etsy, (don’t get me started) the Etsy stores are filled with beautiful stickers and layouts which can easily suck you in ! I do get some periodically but have started to like the ones at the craft store better. They are cheaper and I can go get them whenever I want.

So here is the blank weekly view. Plain and lots of open space.


After adding some “pazzaz” and decorations this is my finished spread for the week. I will also write in all of my appointments, meetings, due dates for work, meals, and any other activities.


I’m not sure if the decorating just makes the week seem easier with all the work, bills, appointments, etc. but something about planning the week out ahead of time really makes me look forward to each day. I also feel more productive because I’ve got the “to do” and “to clean” lists and something about checking them off is satisfying.

Here are a few more spreads from the last year that I really liked.


I also use my planner as my weekly meal planner, my grocery list, as well as a way to keep track of work due dates and meetings. I pretty much carry it with me everywhere I go and it has become like my bible.

If you were thinking of trying a new organizing system for the new year ! Maybe you could give planning a try ! Just tread cautiously, it really is addicting !

Life Planner:

Happy Planner: