New ELF Makeup Products


I’ve got some new make up products I’m loving and I wanted to share them with all of you ! A few weeks ago I went on and took a look their new arrivals section ! I was surprised to find lots of great products and after trying all of them out these past few weeks, I have to say I am really impressed.
The first product I purchased is the illuminating moisturizer with SPF15. This product is much smaller than I thought it would be however it is an awesome product. It’s a lotion with an SPF component and vitamin E. The lotion itself is very moisturizing and cooling and melts well into the skin. I also like the illuminating factor.  It creates nice glowy skin for those days when you don’t wear makeup. I  have used it under my foundation as well and like the look it gives. A little bit goes a long way !
The next product is the Beautifully Bare Face Palette. This 4 in 1 compact is beautiful with a giant mirror in the lid. This palette has 2 blushes,  a bronzer and a highlight shade. Each is pretty decent in size. I like the highlight and bronzer and find that they are super pretty on the skin. The blushes are nice colors however they don’t have a lot of pigment and they don’t show up that well on my skin.  They are also hard to blend out when put over foundation which was a bummer because I really loved the colors.


I also purchased the aqua beauty mousse foundation in fair/light. I believe they had 2 other shades for this foundation so finding a shade may be difficult for some of you. I feel like the fair/light is fine for me right now but as I get a summer tan it probably will not work. It’s a lightweight foundation with medium coverage and it is definitely buildable. Prior to purchasing, I read reviews to apply the product with your fingers. When I tried it with my beauty blender it soaked up most of the product and became patchy. When I smoothed it on with my fingers, I got a much better result ! This is a nice foundation for summer when you need light/medium coverage. It’s probably not something I will wear everyday but I really like it for those no makeup-makeup days or for this summer !
The beautifully bare lightweight concealer stick is probably one of my favorite things I purchased. It is a stick concealer in fair/light. I like the coverage it provides for under eye concealing. I again do not like to use with my beauty blender and find that patting it out with my fingers gives me a better result. It’s smoothing and also feels good on the skin.
The next product I purchased is the tinted lip oil in nude kiss. I was really looking forward to this product and was going it would give me a nice glossy lip without being too much. It does that however, I found it too be drying and made my lips chapped after wearing for an hour or two ! I have tried it two times this week and got the same result. I am going to try again with a lip mask underneath to see if it’s not as drying.  UPDATE: if I wear over a chapstick or lip mask it wears much better but still does not last long.
The last product I got was the nude rose gold eyeshadow palette. I love the colors in this palette and was pleased with the amount of shades. There are 10 shades ranging from light to dark with matte and shimmer shades. The eye shadows can be a little patchy but with some blending they are very pretty !
I also received some products as a free gift! I have yet to try any of these but will keep you guys updated. I’m looking forward to the baked eyeshadow and eye shadow brush !
Most of these products cost between $3-$10 so they are affordable. I like most of them and will continue to use them throughout the summer. I feel like they provide a good light makeup look for those hot sunny days.

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

Today was brush cleaning day in my house! I got all my gross, disgusting makeup brushes together and got my special cleaning solution ready to work. The reason I love this cleaner is because it is safe, sensitive for skin and smells great.

To start, I take a small dish and mix baby soap and/or shampoo with a few drops of tea tree oil and a few drops of lavender oil. The baby soap is great because it is gentle and sensitive. The tree tree oil is a good addition because of its natural antibacterial components which keeps your brushes cleaner and in return your skin healthier. I also add the lavender oil for the scent and its soothing properties.

After I mix this in the dish, I swirl my brushes in the soap mixture. Usually, after a few swirls you can see the soap change color from your makeup products. Immediately after I swirl my brush in the soap, I swirl it in a bowl of warm water to rinse. I usually do this a couple times to make sure all the soap and products are out of the brush. When I am finished rinsing, I dry my brushes on a towel and leave them there for several hours ! The bristles are extremely soft and smell like lavender. After they are completely dry, I usually give them a good fluff and they are ready to go ! I also do this same process with my makeup sponges and beauty blenders.

I would suggest doing this on a day when you don’t plan on using them or in the evening just to allow enough time to dry. This simple, inexpensive cleaner works great and keeps my brushes looking better than ever. I typically wash my brushes twice a month ( I probably should do it more) but I always forget ! Enjoy this easy DIY  and let me know how it works for you !



Too Faced Natural Eyes

My wonderful best friend knows just the way to my heart ! For Christmas, she got me the Too Faced, Natural Eyes Palette. I am in love ! This palette is perfect for anybody that likes neutral colors, browns, beiges and golds. I have been wearing it for a few weeks, testing out different colors and every one of them has been super pretty. They are also long-wearing and very versatile.


The palette has 9 shades for 3 different looks. Now obviously that is not the only looks you can create but it does include a step by step guide to creating those 3. The looks are created by using 3 shadows in each row. The palette also includes a pretty decent sized mirror ! My favorite shades so far are Silk Teddy, Push-up and Cashmere Bunny.


Here are the swatches of each of the colors.


One of my favorite eye looks with the palette.


For $36, I think this is definitely a good purchase! If you are looking for some basic colors, all in one place, this is a good choice. Too faced also has a similar palette called Boudoir Eyes and I will definitely be purchasing that one next. That one has several pink, mauve and grey tones for those of you who prefer those colors.  Check out too-faced for other palettes too, they have a bunch of great options !


Must Have Makeup

Like I said in a previous post , I hardly ever where a lot of makeup. I generally put something light on for everyday wear like going to work or shopping. I put on what my husband considers ” a lot” of makeup maybe once a week or even once every 2 weeks. I actually enjoy doing this because I like the process of getting ready for an event or activity. This is probably because 99% of the time I wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt and it feels good to get dolled up and pretty !

On the days where I want to look alive but not like I over did it, I generally wear foundation, bronzer, a light eyeshadow and mascara. I have been using these same products for the last 6 months and I love each of them ! Aside from the foundation, they are all super cheap. I splurge a little on my foundation only because I think it’s amazing ! So here they are.. my all time favorite make up staples that I can’t live without right now.


Lancôme- ultra liquid 24 hr longwear spf 15 $47.00 (don’t tell my husband)

A year ago , I went to ulta and asked to be color matched for a foundation that covered my redness and lasted all day ! The assistant ( I’m sure they have a fancier name) directed me to this foundation and gave me a sample. I wore it for 2 days and loved it so much I went back and bought a bottle and have bought 4 more since! I think it is perfect and it wears all day and looks like I have nothing on at all. I wear the shade 110 Ivorie C.



Essence- Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder $4.99

This bronzer is huge ! I am still on my first one and haven’t even put a dent in it ! I love the way it just makes my skin look healthy and it smells like coconut so how could you not like it !



Ulta – Legendary Lengths $10.00

This mascara is perfect for making your lashes long and dark without clumping. I got a sample of this in one of Ulta’s kits and went back and got a full size because I loved it !


Eye Shadow

Nyx – Nude matte single eye shadow in Lap Dance $ 4.99

I have a couple of the Nyx single shadows but this one is my favorite ! It’s a light tan color and adds just a small touch of color to my eye lids for my everyday makeup look.


These products can all be found at Ulta and are fairly inexpensive (except the foundation). One of the best thing about this store though, is that they give you a sample and color match you to find your perfect foundation. You can easily try before committing to the product (especially since it is kind of pricey.)

If you are looking to change up your basic make up routine, these “favorites” may a good place to start. If you guys are anything like me, I love finding out what other people use and if they like it before I buy it. Go to Ulta, check out these products and let me know how you like them ! Let me know your favorites in the comments too and I’ll check them out ! You know I need a reason to go shopping  again soon 🙂