I’m a 28 year old mom of a 2 year old little boy, Layton. I say mom first because that’s my main identity, most of what I do in all the other categories of my life all ties back to being a mom!  It’s great, sometimes exhausting, but also the best thing ever ! Secondly, I’m a wife to a super handsome husband, Cole,  who is hardworking, funny and  hunting obsessed ! I’m also an occupational therapist full time Monday thru Friday and absolutely love it. I made the job switch about 2 years ago and every day has been super rewarding !
I have several hobbies that I enjoy, my most recent being scrapbooking and planning. I started the scrapbooking about 6 months ago when my mom introduced me to it. She has been doing it for years and is teaching me her ways.  I also enjoy planning and started this about a year ago after watching some you tube videos ! I’m addicted ! It’s amazing how great it feels to be organized ! Another thing I enjoy is cooking,  I  love trying new recipes and making old ones. My last obsession is shopping and makeup. I love going shopping and like it even more when I can find good deals !