DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

Today was brush cleaning day in my house! I got all my gross, disgusting makeup brushes together and got my special cleaning solution ready to work. The reason I love this cleaner is because it is safe, sensitive for skin and smells great.

To start, I take a small dish and mix baby soap and/or shampoo with a few drops of tea tree oil and a few drops of lavender oil. The baby soap is great because it is gentle and sensitive. The tree tree oil is a good addition because of its natural antibacterial components which keeps your brushes cleaner and in return your skin healthier. I also add the lavender oil for the scent and its soothing properties.

After I mix this in the dish, I swirl my brushes in the soap mixture. Usually, after a few swirls you can see the soap change color from your makeup products. Immediately after I swirl my brush in the soap, I swirl it in a bowl of warm water to rinse. I usually do this a couple times to make sure all the soap and products are out of the brush. When I am finished rinsing, I dry my brushes on a towel and leave them there for several hours ! The bristles are extremely soft and smell like lavender. After they are completely dry, I usually give them a good fluff and they are ready to go ! I also do this same process with my makeup sponges and beauty blenders.

I would suggest doing this on a day when you don’t plan on using them or in the evening just to allow enough time to dry. This simple, inexpensive cleaner works great and keeps my brushes looking better than ever. I typically wash my brushes twice a month ( I probably should do it more) but I always forget ! Enjoy this easy DIY  and let me know how it works for you !



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