Erin Condren vs. Happy Planner


Most of you know that I purchased the Erin Condren Planner last year and I purchased another one for this year. I really enjoyed the EC Life Planner all the months I used it and I felt that it had everything I wanted/needed. I also purchased the Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas a few weeks ago so I could compare the two ! I used the EC for the month of January and have been using the Happy Planner for the month of February and beginning of March. I really enjoy each of the planners! I wanted to give you a little comparison in case you were looking to purchase one.

This biggest difference in these two planners is the price. The Erin Condren life planner is typically $55.00. They do run a lot of specials, free shipping, etc which can make is less than that but you also have to purchase from a website and shipping can take 1-2 weeks. The Happy Planner costs $29.95 but you can almost always find them for between $15-$20 with coupons and sales. You can get them at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and the Happy Planner website. Both planners have lots of accessories to add onto them.


The first main difference between the two is the binding. The EC life planner is coil bound, mine happens to be silver but you can get in gold and rose gold if you wish. The Happy Planner is bound with discs. The one I purchased came with gold disks, but you can purchase various other colors and sizes to increase the amount of papers you can add into it. The disc binding allows you to easily remove and insert papers as you need to. The EC life planner does not allow you to remove pages as easily.


The other main difference for me is the divider pages and monthly notes pages. In the EC life planner, you have a blank notes pages. You can easily decorate these pages how you want and make it your own style. In the Happy Planner, the pages have a lot of spots to write different info and notes. The happy planner page has a 3 month calendar, a birthdays sections, goals for the month, important dates/holidays and a currently section which includes what you are currently watching, listening to, etc.


In both the EC and the Happy Planner, the monthly calendar is relatively the same. Both have the calendar blocks ( the EC is slightly larger) and they both also have a notes section at the side. The weekly views are also very much the same. They have a side notes section where you can put any additional info for the week. The boxes for the happy planner are slightly larger but they do not have a bottom section where you can write additional info.


The other difference between the two is that the Happy Planner allows you to add additional extension packs. The Happy Planner has several including a budget expansion pack and a fitness extension pack. I purchased the budget pack and added it into the back of my planner. I don’t believe that the EC has anything like this available. Both planners have the option to switch out covers and change them as often as you would like. This is nice for someone like me who enjoys switching things up.

IMG_3276After using each for several weeks , I have to say that my pick is the Happy Planner ! I love the versatility of it and how easy it is to add and remove things. I also love the monthly page where I can write my goals, birthdays, etc. I never thought that I would switch from the EC life planner, but after using this one for the last few weeks, I have totally changed my mind. I love the affordability of the happy planner and being that Michael’s carries all the accessories and add on things it is so much easier to buy things when I see them.


To read more about my planning click HERE!

Life Planner

Happy Planner


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