Service Project Fun – Easter Angels

Last year, I was inspired and decided to start a yearly service project ! Since 2016 was the first year for my project, I was unsure what to expect and was unsure how much participation I would have. I thought for several days about who I wanted to help and what I wanted to do and decided on a project to donate Easter baskets to a local children’s hospital. I wanted this to be more than a good deed but also a learning opportunity for my son and myself. I believe in doing good for others creates good in you. My goal is to teach him that helping others is not a lost cause and that it it is truly a wonderful feeling to give to others. So after some thinking and a lot of brainstorming, I created Easter Angels.

I was blown away last year by the amount of donations we received. The complete total with money, toys and gift cards was $2,600! The hospital was in shock when we showed up with multiple truck loads of Easter baskets and boxes of toys and craft supplies. It’s safe to say that we had truly made an impact on the hospital and the children that were stuck there over the holiday. We also helped children who celebrated birthdays in the hospital and who may have needed just a little something extra to make it through a bad day.


This year, we are doing the same project and will be donating to the same hospital. I have already contacted them and they are so excited for us to make our delivery again. I like to set goals and this year, I have set it at $3,000! With the help of friends, family, colleagues, etc, I know this is possible. We also had an extremely large donation last year from the Kutztown Rod and Gun Club and they have donated another generous amount this year! I am so thankful for anyone and everyone that has made this possible. Because of all of you, I fall asleep knowing that there are still good people who do good things for others just because they want to !

For anyone that follows me on my other social media, you probably have seen the posts about donating. We are accepting money donations through cash or check (Made out to Tabitha Seitzinger-Easter Angels). We also have a go fund me site which makes it super easy for you to donate and super easy for us to receive the funds. Go Fund Me – Easter Angels  We are also accepting toys, board games and craft supplies if you are interested in donating that way. Contact me for my address and you can gladly send goodies to us !

All of this would not be possible without my wonderful Mother who helped me with the project last year after I told her my crazy idea. She is awesome and gave more than 100% to help get this done.

Thank you to everyone that has helped so far !! 🙂


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