Tablet for a 2 year old ?

For Christmas, I got Layton a Kindle Fire. I know you are all probably thinking ” you bought your 2 year old a tablet.” Cole said the same thing.  But hear me out . . I got it Black Friday for $33 which is great for a tablet if you ask me. I also got it because I had read lots of good reviews about the Kids app for it.

Layton isn’t the type of kid (yet) that loves to sit and watch tv or sit on a tablet. I’ve tried to get him to play on my iPad or phone periodically and he doesn’t have a ton of interest in it. Which is great ! I’m not pushing him to like technology, he will find an interest in it at some point. During those times where I have introduced him to my phone or iPad he always finds a way out of the app and into all my other stuff. Phone calls, messages, facebook ! Lord only knows what he has sent to people ! So the major selling point for me of this particular tablet was the ability to “lock” your kid into the kid friendly app. After trying this for several weeks, I really like this feature. There is virtually (I say this because if there is a way- my child will find it ) no way he could get into other stuff ! Once I set him up in the Kids Free Time app, he can browse videos, apps and books without getting into inappropriate things. I also love the selection of apps and books and videos the Free Time app has to offer. He has a profile customized to his age so everything is age appropriate. And from looking through the items, about 90% of it has some educational component to it like learning shapes, colors, words, etc. There is also a feature that allows you to search by character. This is nice because he can actually just look through and pick a picture of a character and then it will show him videos and apps that include that specific person or animal !

So back to my 2 year old having a tablet, I get it, he is a little young and I don’t want to brainwash him this early. Trust me I was the parent, before actually becoming a parent, that was never going to let my kids have a tablet out to eat, etc but desperate times call for desperate measures. I also believe that kids these days are going to get to use all the latest and greatest technology as soon as they start school. My kindergarten students get computer time every day to learn basic concepts. I might as well be proactive and let him use it now because he is going to get it in 3 years anyway ! 3 years – No! Is that true ? Ugh ! That’s another post for another day !

So end of my rant on technology for toddlers but if you are on my side with the educational stuff, check out the kindle fire. I got the basic one and downloaded the kids app and it has been well worth it so far ! It’s convenient, compact and has really nice kids features !

Check out the Kindle Fire here


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