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Gone Camping !


My husband is a mountain man , pretty much born in the mountains, raised in the mountains, heck his middle name is even Mountain. No I am not kidding on that, his name is Cole Mountain. That being said he loves camping and being in the woods and we frequently take trips involving these two things. Typically we find a nice location several hours from here where we can spend the weekend in a cabin, hiking and exploring a new area. We are also very fortunate to have a cabin about 30 minutes from our home where we can escape to whenever we want. If we can’t get too far away, we head to the cabin and enjoy a quiet family and friends weekend !

At the beginning of this month, we picked a weekend and decided to stay at the cabin. I have created a super simple way to prepare for the weekend that does not require a lot of prep. When we like to go , we like it be very low key, low prep, and relaxing.

I have started to keep a tote in the garage filled with all of our camping needs. Some of the items in this tote include paper products, utensils, cups, garbage bags, tupperware containers, bug spray, pots and pans, and fire starters. Pretty much if you can think of it, I have thrown it into this tote. It makes it so much easier on us when we decide to take a quick trip ! We grab the tote, pack some clothes and head out for the weekend. Over the last few years, I have collected old pans, dollar store garbage bags, pot holders and placed them in this tote to create this inexpensive ready to go camping tote.

The next big thing for us is food for the weekend. Typically we pick the easiest meals we can think of including pre-made foods to make the meal prep easy on us. We usually decide on hoagies one night that we can pick up on the way. I also usually do hot dogs and burgers for lunch/dinner. The burgers and hot dogs are super simple to just throw on the grill and all you really need, to go with them, is rolls. For our latest trip, I pre-made Chicken Noodle Soup (recipe to come in a later post.) It was super easy to heat up on the stove and enjoy. No extra meal prep necessary. For breakfasts, we do granola bars, bananas, fruit or cereal. All things that are cheap and easy. If we are spending more days, or are traveling further, I like to do a nice dinner of chicken or steak on the grill and potato packets.

So there you have it. The easy way to have a weekend camping trip. Pack your camping tote, grab some groceries and prep ahead of time, pack some clothing and jump in the truck ! Enjoy a weekend in the woods with your family !



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