Essential Oils – Am I Crazy?

As a Christmas gift, my mom got me an oil diffuser and essential oil set. The diffuser is a cheap version from Walmart as are the oils. Now I say cheap, not because I think what she got me is cheap. I just mean that it was much cheaper than the diffusers you typically can order from Amazon or doTerra or another essential oil company. I wanted to try this out first, so that I didn’t waste $150 + on something I wasn’t sure of.


Let me tell you. This thing is amazing. Now a few years ago, if you would have told me about essential oils. I would have been like okay, but probably not for me. (I can sometimes take a lot of convincing to try something new). Every day since, Christmas I have diffused oils both downstairs and in our bedroom. I like it so much, I wish I got another one. Unfortunately, I think these were a Christmas item and I can’t find anymore in stores. This was $20 and the set of oils was $15. Now they may not be the same quality as other places but for me they are great !

The diffuser itself came with two oils, lavender and lemon. The extra set came with peppermint, orange, lavender and clove. I first started diffusing orange and lemon in the kitchen just to make it smell fresh and for purification and it was supposed to improve mood !  I don’t know how much it really helped but it smelled amazing and I did seem more awake ! Then I started to diffuse peppermint and lavender in our bedroom. The lavender is obviously good for sleep and it helps with anxiety and nervous issues. I like to add the peppermint for help with headaches, reduce stress and promote immunity. This combination just smells really good and I have been noticing that I fall asleep easier, stay asleep more soundly and my anxiety has been good that last few days!


My husband doesn’t notice much difference sleep wise but he doesn’t really think about that kind of stuff ! It’s probably helping him (he just won’t admit it-you know how men are.)

I also purchased another set of the oils. This one came with eucalyptus, tea tree and another lemon. I have been diffusing tea tree, peppermint and lemon for immunity to protect against all the bugs going around. It smells great and it’s nice to know that it could be helping us too !

At this point, I am 100% sold on the essential oil bandwagon ! I am not totally sure that it’s solving problems or preventing anything but even if it’s not, it smells amazing !

I am looking to get more into uses for the oils and topical treatments ! I’ll keep you guys posted.  Let me know if you have any oils that you love and how you use them !

I found the link and they are still available online ! Snag one and you won’t regret it !


You can also find other versions on Amazon here ! Turns out they aren’t actually to expensive on there either !



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