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Burgers and Donuts! Are you drooling?

Have any of you ever heard of Benchwarmer’s in West Reading? You haven’t ! Well you need to visit this place ! It is a cute little coffee shop in West Reading, Pa with (wait for it) DONUTS ! That’s right, they have the absolute best donut I have ever eaten.

A week ago we decided to take a little trip to West Reading for lunch. We ate at Nonno Alby’s which is this adorable little restaurant specializing in brick oven pizza and burgers. The burgers are totally delicious (my mouth is watering just thinking about it.) Afterwards, we traveled down the street to Benchwarmers for our dessert. Benchwarmers makes their own donuts, fried right in front of you and then topped with whatever your little heart desires. They have several specialty donuts including a smore’s donut, a maple syrup and bacon donut and a standard chocolate frosted with sprinkles. You can also choose your icing and your own toppings to create your version of a perfect donut. Each donut costs $2 but it is so worth it ! We got the chocolate frosted with sprinkles and had to eat it with a fork ! It was warm and delicious and gone in about 15 seconds ! Thinking of heading in to West Reading, stop by and check this place out ! You won’t regret it, if you’re a donut lover like me !

Layton and I enjoying our donut !



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