Top 5 Scrapbooking Tools

Since I started scrapbooking last spring, I have found several products that I love to use. Like I said before, my mom is a scrapbooking queen. I feel like she knows all the best products and how to make all the best pages. I go to her a lot about products and she tells me what she likes to use and how to use them. Most of the products in this blog have been recommended by her !   Here are my Top 5 scrapbooking tools ! They are essential for scrapbooking newbies and are perfect for the experienced scrapbookers as well.


1.) A Paper Cutter ( Mine is the Fiskars brand)

Having a good paper-cutter is one of the first things needed when starting this hobby. The one  I purchased has removable blades that you can replace when they get dull. I feel like I am constantly using mine for page layouts, picture backgrounds and trimming pictures. I purchased mine at Michael’s using a 50% off coupon. Some of the better brands can be pricey but if you can snag one with a discount coupon, it is well worth it !



2.) Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive

Another V.I.T. (Very Important Tool) when scrapbooking is a good adhesive. The last thing you want when trying to glue and stick pictures and embellishments is a tape that doesn’t stick. This brand is awesome. You actually buy the dispenser and then purchase refill packs when the tape runs out. I find that this brand is super easy to use and holds really well. I have tried the removable tape in case I placed pictures incorrectly but I found that it didn’t hold at all. The permanent has a been a good option for me.


3.) A good pair of scissors

Most of you are probably thinking okay, do I really need a special scissors for scrapbooking. But the answer is yes. I was actually given this pair by a planner buddy and I love them. They are just the right size and are super sharp. There have been several times where I needed to trim something and they worked perfectly without being too bulky.



4.) Corner Punch ( Mine is Fiskars brand)

For the first few months of scrapbooking, I didn’t own a corner punch and I totally regret not getting one in the beginning. There are lots of times when you don’t want a basic square edge on your pictures or papers and the corner punch creates a nice rounded edge. Mine happens to have 2 different size options for creating corners. I again purchased this with a 50% off coupon and I have used it a ton since then.



5.) A Good Set of Pens

This for me is a necessity. I use my set so often for scrapbooking and planning but I also like to use it for signing cards, and other crafts.  There are a ton of different options for pen sets. I can’t even remember which set I have. They again can be expensive depending on the set but if you purchase with a coupon they are relatively affordable. I like to journal on certain scrapbook pages and find my fine point pens to be the best way to do that.—pen-68-wallet-set—30-color-wallet-set/D015749S.html#q=pens&pmpt=qualifying&sz=24&start=53

I feel like all 5 of these tools are necessary to get started in scrapbooking!  Any beginner or experienced scrapbooker can use these products to do a variety of tasks. Next time you get a 40 or 50% off coupon from Michael’s or A.C. Moore, pick one of these up !


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