Must Have Makeup

Like I said in a previous post , I hardly ever where a lot of makeup. I generally put something light on for everyday wear like going to work or shopping. I put on what my husband considers ” a lot” of makeup maybe once a week or even once every 2 weeks. I actually enjoy doing this because I like the process of getting ready for an event or activity. This is probably because 99% of the time I wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt and it feels good to get dolled up and pretty !

On the days where I want to look alive but not like I over did it, I generally wear foundation, bronzer, a light eyeshadow and mascara. I have been using these same products for the last 6 months and I love each of them ! Aside from the foundation, they are all super cheap. I splurge a little on my foundation only because I think it’s amazing ! So here they are.. my all time favorite make up staples that I can’t live without right now.


Lancôme- ultra liquid 24 hr longwear spf 15 $47.00 (don’t tell my husband)

A year ago , I went to ulta and asked to be color matched for a foundation that covered my redness and lasted all day ! The assistant ( I’m sure they have a fancier name) directed me to this foundation and gave me a sample. I wore it for 2 days and loved it so much I went back and bought a bottle and have bought 4 more since! I think it is perfect and it wears all day and looks like I have nothing on at all. I wear the shade 110 Ivorie C.



Essence- Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder $4.99

This bronzer is huge ! I am still on my first one and haven’t even put a dent in it ! I love the way it just makes my skin look healthy and it smells like coconut so how could you not like it !



Ulta – Legendary Lengths $10.00

This mascara is perfect for making your lashes long and dark without clumping. I got a sample of this in one of Ulta’s kits and went back and got a full size because I loved it !


Eye Shadow

Nyx – Nude matte single eye shadow in Lap Dance $ 4.99

I have a couple of the Nyx single shadows but this one is my favorite ! It’s a light tan color and adds just a small touch of color to my eye lids for my everyday makeup look.


These products can all be found at Ulta and are fairly inexpensive (except the foundation). One of the best thing about this store though, is that they give you a sample and color match you to find your perfect foundation. You can easily try before committing to the product (especially since it is kind of pricey.)

If you are looking to change up your basic make up routine, these “favorites” may a good place to start. If you guys are anything like me, I love finding out what other people use and if they like it before I buy it. Go to Ulta, check out these products and let me know how you like them ! Let me know your favorites in the comments too and I’ll check them out ! You know I need a reason to go shopping  again soon 🙂


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