Life Planning

Every Sunday night , or most Sunday nights (if I don’t forget) I sit down and fill out my planner for the week.

I currently use the Erin Condren Life Planner for my planning. I just got my 2017 one as a Christmas gift ! Isn’t she pretty ? Like I said I’m addicted ! I also got a lot of stickers and decorative tapes as a Christmas gift and wanted to give them a try.


There are a ton of other planner options. The Erin Condren one is a little pricey but it’s the one I used last year and I enjoy the style. I also like the Happy Planner ones that you can find at Michaels. They are very similar and cost a lot less. I will post links to both at the end of this blog.

Most of the stickers and decorative stuff is from Michaels. I use the MAMBI ( Me and My Big Ideas) line which is actually for the Happy Planner but most fit the Erin Condren one as well ! I’ve got a ton of sticker books that have all kinds of productivity stickers and cute decorative ones! I also occasionally order stickers off of Etsy, (don’t get me started) the Etsy stores are filled with beautiful stickers and layouts which can easily suck you in ! I do get some periodically but have started to like the ones at the craft store better. They are cheaper and I can go get them whenever I want.

So here is the blank weekly view. Plain and lots of open space.


After adding some “pazzaz” and decorations this is my finished spread for the week. I will also write in all of my appointments, meetings, due dates for work, meals, and any other activities.


I’m not sure if the decorating just makes the week seem easier with all the work, bills, appointments, etc. but something about planning the week out ahead of time really makes me look forward to each day. I also feel more productive because I’ve got the “to do” and “to clean” lists and something about checking them off is satisfying.

Here are a few more spreads from the last year that I really liked.


I also use my planner as my weekly meal planner, my grocery list, as well as a way to keep track of work due dates and meetings. I pretty much carry it with me everywhere I go and it has become like my bible.

If you were thinking of trying a new organizing system for the new year ! Maybe you could give planning a try ! Just tread cautiously, it really is addicting !

Life Planner:

Happy Planner:


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