I’m blogging ?

A couple of months ago I thought about starting my own blog. At the time, I wasn’t sure I could do it and I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted to write about. Now that the New Year has arrived, I decided to take the plunge and go for it ! After all you can’t succeed at something if you never try, right ? After much thought and consideration, I was still undecided on a topic. Several nights ago as I was drifting off to sleep, I realized I don’t need something specific. Do I ?  My blog is going to be about me and my lifestyle ! So here it goes . . My pitch as I call it . . A blog about a working mom with an adorable, yet sometimes crazy 2 year old, a wife to a (crazy about hunting) awesome husband, a full time occupational therapist, a scrapbook and planner extraordinare ( I’m using this term loosely), a cooking enthusiast, makeup lover and professional shopper (okay not professional but I’m trying to convince my husband). So here it is ! A blog about everyday life with an everyday girl and her family !

So first there’s me ! I’m a 28 (gosh, am I really 28 already) year old mom of a 2 year old little boy, Layton. I say mom first because that’s my main identity, most of what I do in all the other categories of my life all ties back to being a mom!  It’s great, sometimes exhausting, but also the best thing ever ! Secondly, I’m a wife to a super handsome husband (I’m biased I’m sure) but that’s 10% why I married him. The other 85% is because he is hardworking, loving, and funny ! The last 5% is because he drives me crazy and what would a marriage be if the other person didn’t make you a little crazy sometimes. As I mentioned before he is hunting obsessed ! So stay tuned because I’m sure I’ll have some posts for all the other hunting wives out there ! I’m also an occupational therapist, most of you are probably thinking “what is that?” And to be honest most days I’m not even sure what it all means ! But for right now, I work with kids elementary through high school with disabilities on basic school skills to improve their participation in their environment. WOW ! That’s a lot ! I do this full time Monday thru Friday and absolutely love it. I made the job switch about 2 years ago and every day has been super rewarding !  Next on to my hobbies .

I don’t have many because I don’t have a ton of time to enjoy them but my most recent adventure is scrapbooking and planning. I started scrapbooking about 6 months ago when my mom introduced me to it. She has been doing it for years and is a crazy scrapbooking lady as I like to call her ! She has a whole room dedicated to it ! I’m not quite there yet but I’m working on it ! (I guess the “I get it from my momma” phrase is true).  I also enjoy planning and started this about a year ago after watching some you tube videos ! I’m addicted ! It’s amazing how great it feels to be organized ! Another thing I enjoy is cooking (maybe I enjoy it just because I have to do it) but either way, I  love trying new recipes and making old ones. For all the people that like simple, easy recipes . I’ll be posting lots along the way. My last obsession- and yes I’ll call it an obsession, is shopping and makeup. I love going shopping and like it even more when I can find good deals. I also enjoy shopping for makeup which again is crazy because I don’t even where makeup that often but I love the packaging and all the new products and it sucks me in! I’ll be sure to share my favorites and any good shopping deals with my readers.

 So there it is . Me in a nutshell !
Stay tuned for my first (real) blog post tomorrow!

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